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JST XSR Series 0.6mm pitch Connector This is the world’s smallest 0.6mm pitch ID connector for discrete wires. This wire-to-board miniaturised connector has a mounting height of 1.45mm and depth of 3.0mm.Related Part number: JST XSR 0.6mm pitch header connector: SM02B-XSRS-ETD, SM04B-XSRS-ETD, SM06B-XSRS-ETD, SM10B-XSRS-ETD, SM16B-XSRS-ETD, SM20B-XSRS-ETD, SM22B-XSRS-ETD JST XSR 0.6mm pitch socket connector: 02XSR-36S, 04XSR-36S, 06XSR-36S, 10XSR-36S, 16XSR-36S, 20XSR-36S, 22XSR-36S   […]