I-PEX Micro-Coaxial Cable

I-PEX Micro-Coaxial Cable

Custom Leopard Imaging FAW-1233 & FAW-1212 Micro Coax I-PEX Cable I-PEX 20497-026T & I-PEX 20634-130T

Get customized Leopard Imaging FAW-1233 and FAW-1212 Micro Coax I-PEX Cables at MCT with IPEX 20497–026T, 20634–130T connectors. Suitable for various applications such as HD video streaming, data transmission. FAW-1233-01,FAW-1233-02,FAW-1233-03,FAW-1233-04,FAW-1233-05,FAW-1233-06,FAW-1233-07,FAW-1233-08,FAW-1233-09,FAW-1233-10,FAW-1233-01,FAW-1233-02,FAW-1233-03,FAW-1233-04,FAW-1233-05,FAW-1233-07,FAW-1233-10,FAW-1212-T1,FAW-1212-T2,FAW-1212-T3,FAW-1212-T4,Leopard Imaging Camera,Leopard Imaging Store,Leopard Imaging Stereo Camera,Leopard Imaging Camera,Leopard Imaging Hawk,Leopard Imaging Coax Cable,Leopard Imaging MIPI Tester,Leopard Imaging Camera Module

Custom 30 Pin eDP Cable Manufacturer | eDP Connector & Interface Supplier

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Plug P/N:  I-PEX 20453-330T,I-PEX 20453-340T
Receptacle :  I-PEX 20455-030E, I-PEX 20455-030E
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Relevant Parts P/N:JAE HD1S040HA1,8-2069716-3,5-2069716-3,2023344-3,8-2069716-2,5-2069716-2,2023344-2

Custom micro coaxial cable assembly manufacturer with I-PEX 20453-040T & 20455-040E connector

Custom micro coaxial cable assembly manufacturer with I-PEX connector.
Plug P/N: I-PEX 20453-220T-13,I-PEX 20453-230T-13,I-PEX 20453-240T-13,I-PEX 20453-250T-13S
Receptacle: I-PEX 20455-A20E,I-PEX 20455-030E,I-PEX 20455-040E,I-PEX 20455-050E
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Relevant Parts P/N:I-PEX 20453-020T-13,I-PEX 20453-230T-13,I-PEX 20453-240T-13,I-PEX 20453-250T-13S,I-PEX 20455-A20E,IPEX 20455-030E,IPEX 20455-040E,IPEX 20455-050E,I-PEX 20454-220T,IPEX 20454-230T,IPEX 20454-040T,IPEX 20454-050T,I-PEX 2574-1203,I-PEX 2574-1303,I-PEX 2574-1403,I-PEX 2574-1503,I-PEX 2576-120,I-PEX 2576-130,I-PEX 2576-140,I-PEX 2576-150