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Custom eDP cable assembly 30 pin 40 pin edp cable
Plug P/N:  I-PEX 20453-330T,I-PEX 20453-340T
Receptacle :  I-PEX 20455-030E, I-PEX 20455-030E
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Relevant Parts P/N:JAE HD1S040HA1,8-2069716-3,5-2069716-3,2023344-3,8-2069716-2,5-2069716-2,2023344-2

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Professional eDP cable assembly manufacturer 30 pin 40 pin LVDS edp cable manufacturer

We could custom 30 pin 40 pin eDP cable assembly manufacturer for you,custom LVDS edp cable manufacturer.

The new Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) v1.4 standard offers several new features that maximize system power efficiency. And further consolidate the display interface, and address a wide range of system profiles to satisfy the growing demand for power optimization in the embedded display system.

Custom eDP cable assembly following you requirement. We are professional eDP cable assembly manufacturer, customized 30 pin edp cable and custom 40 pin edp cable factory.

I-PEX CABLINE-VS 30 pin and 40 pin eDP connector specification:

0.5 mm pitch, Horizontal mating Micro-coaxial cable connector
VESA standard connector for 16:9 panel application
High-data-rate transfer, ideal for Thunderbolt  3 (20 Gbps per lane) applications
High level EMI shield performance and multi-point ground design
Physical locking bar stops back-out or un-mating

Relevant I-PEX eDP cable assembly manufacturer connector mating or associated parts number:

Mating parts Cable Cable Cable PCB Cable
Plug Plug Plug Receptacle Plug
Housing Shell A Pull bar Cable assembly
Prefix number 20454 2574 2576 20455 20453
Recommend part no. 20454-320T 2574-1203 2576-120-00 20455-A20E-99 20453-320T-13
20454-330T 2574-1303 2576-130-00 20455-030E-99 20453-330T-13
20454-340T 2574-1403 2576-140-00 20455-040E-99 20453-340T-13
20454-350T-01 2574-1503 2576-150-00 20455-050E-99 20453-350T-13S

We could custom cable assembly & wire harness for you:

Which are widely used in Computer, medical equipment, security equipment, security equipment,Notebooks,
HD camera,custom eDP cable assembly manufacturer, Smart Appliances, Digital Video Camera,Televisions,Smart Phones,
Medical Instrumentation,Aircraft Cockpit Instrumentation,Automotive, electronic, industrial, medical equipment.
DVD/Blu-ray players,Render massive 3D imaging, Slim LED backlight LCD panel, UAV cable assembly
Wire or cable used: Micro coaxial cable, Fine Coaxial Cable,SGC cable,Teflon wire,Micro coax,
MCX cable,Shielding cable,electrical wire, flexible welding cable, hook up wire and power cables
Connector Brand: I-PEX,JAE,Hirose,KEL,ACES,JST, Molex, AMP, Tyco, 3M, As per your request
Pitch: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0,1.25,1.5,2.0,2.5,2.54,3.0MM etc.
Some eDP connector part number: JAE HD1S040HA1,8-2069716-3,5-2069716-3,2023344-3,
Type of  eDP cable assembly factory LVDS cable,eDP cable,MCX cable,SGC cable
Application of custom edp cable assembly electronic, industrial, medical,HD camera
Connector Type of wire harness assembly Solder, Crimp, IDC, Molding
Terminal used in cable assembly Original or local equivalent available
Housing used in cable & wire harness assembly Original or local equivalent available
Color of cable & wire harness assembly Customized according to your requirements
Length of  Wire harness assembly Customized according to your requirements
Category of eDP cable assembly factory  eDP cable assembly manufacturer
Cable assembly Materials  UL/CSA, VDE, SAA, CE, SAE,JASO,DIN
Our Service for custom edp cable   OEM & ODM 
support for eDP cable assembly manufacturer  Sample confirmed before mass production
Certificate of eDP cable assembly  ISO 9001,UL,SGS Quality System
RoHS/REACH of cable & wire harness assembly  ROHS/REACH compliant.
Contact us eDP cable assembly manufacturer    sales@micro-coaxial.com


If you want to custom a eDP cable assembly manufacturer

Please contact us anytime:        sales@micro-coaxial.com

Please kindly send the drawing or specification of the LVDS cable assembly including the following information:
1. What’s the quantity do you want (sample / mass production)
2. Part number & mark pin “1” location of each connector
3. Length of cable
4. Pin mapping (fill the table above)
5. Other requirement information etc.



JAE HD1S040HA1 fine coax edp connector cable assembly manufacturer

JAE HD1S040HA1 fine coax edp connector cable assembly manufacturer

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Custom eDP cable assembly 30 pin 40 pin edp cable manufacturer





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