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How to Choose the Right LVDS Cable for Your Display Needs Looking for the perfect LVDS cable for your display needs? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right LVDS cable to ensure optimal performance for your display. When it comes to LVDS cables, there are […]

I-PEX 20453 20455 20679 20680 20846 20849 20862 20976 20633 20525 20788 micro coaxial cable I-PEX LVDS cable eDP cable assemblies As a professional cable assemblies and wiring harness manufacturer, more than 18 years experience, quanlity is our culture. Welcome to contact to custom and OEM/ODM. Related Part Number:  I-PEX 20453-040T-01, 20454-020T, 20454-030T, 20454-040T, 20454-050T-01, […]

How to Chose the Right LVDS cable. Custom eDP to DP mini DP cable DisplayPort cable assembly.Micro-coaxial Technology supports LVDS CABLE, EDP cable customized. Professional LVDS CABLE, eDP to DP,edp to mini DP cable, edp to DisplayPort cable assembly, welcome to Custom LVDS CABLE eDP to DP mini DP cable DisplayPort cable assembly.

How to produce a LVDS cable

February 10, 2019

What is LVDS cable assembly.LVDS is a low voltage differential signaling system which is an electrical system and can run at very high speeds over inexpensive, twisted-pair, stranded copper cables. These twisted pairs maintain the 100ohm differential impedance requires by LVDS data signals.As a more than 18 years experience in display cable assembly manufacturer, welcome to contact us to custom LVDS cable, eDP cable, fine pithc cable assemblies.Email: sales@micro-coaxial.com,Wechat: +86-158-8966-1771,SKYPE:jacky882010,QQ: 1379887553

LVDS cable assembly OEM factory? LVDS cable assembly OEM factory could customized LVDS cable assemblies to you following you specification.Welcome OEM/ODM.Email: sales@micro-coaxial.com,Wechat: +86-158-8966-1771,SKYPE:jacky882010,QQ: 1379887553