Professional I-PEX 20847-040T-01 fine pitch harness cable assembly I-PEX 20345-035T-32R LVDS eDP cable Manufacturer oem MIPI assembly
As a professional cable assemblies and wiring harness manufacturer, more than 18 years experience, quanlity is our culture. Welcome to contact to custom and OEM/ODM.

About us

Based in China, Micro-coaxial Technology CO.,LTD is experts in many kinds of cable assemblies and wiring harness manufacturer. We produce customized micro coaxial cable assembly,eDP cable assembly, LVDS cable assembly, RF coaxial cable assembly, V-by-One cable, display cables, mcx cable, for LCD panel, TFT display,RF cable assembly,HD camera micro-coax connector cable assembly, and provide excellent quality LVDS cable, I-PEX cable, fine coaxial cable, eDP cable, mini coax cable, sgc cable, custom LVDS cable assembly, fine pitch coaxial cable assembly, and tooling available for Hirose cable connector assemblies, JAE cable connector assemblies, Molex cable connector assemblies, IPEX cable connector assembly, Samtec cable connector assemblies, KEL cable connector assembly, JST cable connector assembly, Tyco cable connector assembly, TE cable connector assembly, Amphenol RF cable connector assembly, Micro Flex coaxial cable assembly, micro coaxial cable manufacturer and more. Welcome to contact us to custom or OEM.

There are currently occupy over 15,000 ft² of manufacturing facilities with over 80 employees. There are two Full Automatic micro coaxial cable assembly linestwo Semi-automatic cable assembly linesfour Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machines and other cable assembly equipment.

Such capacities, allow us to fulfill very large production quantities and deliver products on time to all of our clients. However, not all of our production is based on large quantity orders.We accommodate client, needs for smaller quantities of highly specialized cable and wire harness assemblies and our engineering department, production and QC ensures that these unique assemblies are of the highest quality.

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custom I-PEX 3400-0402-1 board-to-fine coaxial LVDS cable I-PEX 2764-0301-003 LVDS eDP cable manufacturing plant

custom I-PEX 3400-0402-1 board-to-fine coaxial LVDS cable I-PEX 2764-0301-003 LVDS eDP cable manufacturing plant