LVDS Cable Assembly Manufacturer I-PEX Hirose JAE LVDS Connector Custom LVDS Wire Harness Solution

  • FI-X FI-RE41HL LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer
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  • FI-RE51HL RE41HL OEM LVDS cable assembly
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LVDS cable assemblies Manufacturer.
Plug P/N:  JAE FI-X, JAE FI-R,FI-R,FI-S,HRS DF11,DF13,DF14,DF19,DF20
Receptacle : JAE FI-X, JAE FI-R,FI-R,FI-S,HRS DF11,DF13,DF14,DF19,DF20
We are a JAE FI-X, JAE FI-R,FI-R,FI-S OEM LVDS cable, HRS DF11,DF13,DF14,DF19,DF20 lvds cable assemblies
Relevant Parts P/N:JAE FI-RE41HL,FI-RE51HL,FI-X30HL,FI-S30,DF19,DF20DF13,DF14 LVDS cable assemblies Manufacturer

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LVDS Cable Assembly Manufacturer I-PEX Hirose JAE LVDS Connector Custom LVDS Wire Harness Solution

As a professional LVDS Cable Assembly Manufacturer, we are Custom LVDS Wire Harness more than 18 years experience in LVDS Cable fields. Custom LVDS Cables and LVDS Cable Assembly manufacturer. Welcome to customize.

What are LVDS Cable Assembly

LVDS Cable Assembly are cable systems that utilize Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology to facilitate high-performance data transmission. Custom LVDS Cables and LVDS operates as a low voltage differential signaling system, enabling high-speed transmission over affordable, twisted-pair, stranded copper cables. The twisted pairs maintain a 100ohm differential impedance, which is essential for LVDS data signals.
LVDS has emerged as a favored differential standard, as it offers the ability to transmit data at high rates while consuming minimal power compared to other interface technologies. By utilizing high-speed analog circuit techniques, LVDS enables multi-gigabit data transfers via copper interconnects, making it a widely adopted interface standard for high-speed data transmission. This widespread adoption has established LVDS as the leading differential data transmission standard in the industry.


I-PEX Hirose JAE LVDS Connector LVDS Cable Harness assembly Manufacturer

LVDS Cable Assembly Outline

High-speed serial transmission such as LVDS, TMDS(HDMI), and PCI Express are widely used in applications in a variety of markets including the personal computer, TV, consumer device, copier and medical device markets.
In these applications connectors not only need to have the ability to transmit signals at high speed, but they also must have the durability, ease of mating, and variety of options to respond to the demands all designs.

Some of connectors always used for LVDS connector

I-PEX Connectors & LVDS Coaxial Cable/Dual Coaxial/Discrete Wire:

  • I-PEX Cabline CA (20525/20633/20858)/ CA II(20682/20679/20790/20788)
  • I-PEX Cabline VS (20455/20453/20645) / VS II(20849/20846/20862)
  • I-PEX Cabline CX II (20976/20977/20978) / CAL (20729/20728)
  • I-PEX Cablline SS (20374/20380) / FPL II (20439/20437)
  • I-PEX Cablline UM (20879/20877) / UX II (20531/20533)
  • I-PEX  Cablline UA II (20498/20496) / UY (20854/20857)

JAE Board To Cable Connectors

  • JAE HD Series (Board-to-Cable Connector)
  • JAE HJ1 Series (LCD Interface Connector for Notebook PC)
  • JAE FI-R Series (Connector for Internal Serial Transmission)
  • JAE FI Series (1.25 mm Pitch Board-to-Cable Connector)
  • JAE FI-X (Board-to-Cable Connector for High-Speed Transmission)
  • JAE FI-JW Series (Fine-Coax Wire Connector)
  • JAE FI-J Series (Thin Wire Coaxial Connector)
  • JAE FI-X Series (1.0mm Pitch Connector for Interface of LCD)
  • JAE FI-E Series (1.0 mm Pitch, LVDS Board-to-Cable Connector)

Hirose HRS LVDS Wire & Mico Coaxial Cable Connectors

  • HRS DF36 Series
  • HRS DF56 Series
  • HRS DF80 Series
  • HRS DF81 Series
  • HRS DF19 Series
  • HRS DF38 Series
  • HRS FX15 Series
  • HRS FX16 Series
  • HRS DF13 Series
  • HRS DF14 Series
  • HRS DF19 Series
  • HRS DF20 Series

We could custom LVDS Cable Assembly & OEM LVDS Wire Harness for you

Which are widely used in Computer, medical equipment, security equipment, security equipment,Notebooks,
HD camera,LVDS cable assembly Manufacturer,Smart Appliances,Digital Video Camera,Televisions,Smart Phones,
Medical Instrumentation,Aircraft Cockpit Instrumentation,Automotive, electronic, industrial, medical equipment.
DVD/Blu-ray players,Render massive 3D imaging,Slim LED backlight LCD panel LVDS cable assemblies

The benefits of using LVDS cables, also known as Low-Voltage Differential Signaling cables

Compatible to Low-voltage power supply: LVDS Cable Assembly are designed to work efficiently with low-voltage power supplies commonly used in electronic devices.
Low noise generation: LVDS cables assembly minimize noise interference during data transmission, ensuring reliable signal integrity.
High noise rejection: These cables are capable of rejecting external noise, maintaining the quality of the transmitted signals.
Robust transmission signals: LVDS wires provide robust and stable signals, resulting in efficient and accurate data transfer.
Ability to be integrated into system level ICs: LVDS cables can be seamlessly integrated into the overall system, allowing for better connectivity and compatibility.

FI-S DF13 LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

FI-S DF13 LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS harness cable Manufacturer

Uses of LVDS Cable Assembly

LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) cables are the optimal choice for scenarios requiring efficient data transfer and low power consumption. These cables find their primary application in computers. Before the introduction of LVDS cable assemblies, data transfer rates were slower, and cables occupied more space.
LVDS is now supported by SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) standards. This support allows cable assemblies designed for LVDS to achieve higher data rates and accommodate longer cable lengths.
Additionally, LVDS cable assemblies are commonly used in video interfacing devices. They are particularly prevalent in transporting video data from graphics adapters to computer monitors, particularly LCD screens. The FPD-Link or OpenLDI standards are often employed with LVDS wire assemblies. With these standards, a maximum pixel clock of 112 MHz is achievable, which is suitable for display resolutions such as 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+) at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. With dual-link configurations, the maximum display resolution can be increased to 2048 x 1536 (QXGA) at 60 Hz. FPD-Link supports cable lengths of approximately 5 m, and LDI extends this capability to around 10 m.
Wire or cable used: Micro coaxial cable, Fine Coaxial Cable,SGC cable,Teflon wire,Micro coax,
MCX cable,Shielding cable,electrical wire, flexible welding cable, hook up wire and power cables
Connector Brand: I-PEX,JAE,Hirose,KEL,ACES,JST, Molex, AMP, Tyco, 3M, As per your request
Pitch: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0,1.25,1.5,2.0,2.5,2.54,3.0MM etc.

Type of  cable assembly & wire harness assembly LVDS Wire,eDP cable,MCX cable,SGC cable
Application of LVDS cable assembly electronic, industrial, medical,HD camera
Connector of LVDS harness Manufacturer Solder, Crimp, IDC, Molding
Terminal used in cable assembly Original or local equivalent available
Housing used in cable & wire harness assembly Original or local equivalent available
Color of Wire used cable & wire harness assembly Customized according to your requirements
Length of  Wire harness assembly Customized according to your requirements
Category of cable assembly LVDS wire harness Manufacturer
Cable assembly Materials  UL/CSA, VDE, SAA, CE, CB;  SAE/JASO/DIN
Our Service for wire harness assembly    ODM / OEM LVDS Cable
Our support for cable assembly  Sample confirmed before mass production
Certificate of wire harness assembly  ISO 9001,UL,SGS Quality System
wiring hanress & Lvds assemblies  ROHS/REACH compliant.
Contact us to custom cable assemblies
Custom LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

Custom LVDS Harness assembly OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

LVDS Cable Assembly LVDS Wire Harnesses Custom Solutions Manufacturer

Micro-coaxial Technology specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality custom LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) cable assemblies. Regardless of the length and purpose, Micro-coaxial Technology can create customized cable assemblies to perfectly suit your requirements. Each cable assembly is meticulously built according to our customers’ specifications and undergoes thorough quality testing. Our team of experienced engineers is actively involved in the design process, ensuring that every customer receives precisely what they desire.

We are pleased to support you with your custom cable needs and strive to provide the optimal solution for your data transfer and other cable-related requirements. Our expertise extends across various industries, including aviation, medical, and defense.LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer DF9 DF11 DF13 DF14 DF19 DF20 cable

LVDS cables wire OEM LVDS cable assembly Manufacturer DF9 DF11 DF13 DF14 DF19 DF20 cable


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2. Part number & mark pin “1” location of each connector
3. Length of cable
4. Pin mapping (fill the table above)
5. Other requirement information etc.

How to custom an eDP cable LVDS cable Micro coaxial cable assembly

How to custom an eDP cable LVDS cable Micro coaxial cable assembly

LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

JAE FI-X30H LVDS Cable Assemblies OEM LVDS cable

JAE FI-X30H LVDS Cable Assemblies OEM LVDS cable

DF20 LVDS cable assembly OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

DF20 LVDS cable assembly OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

DF14 LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

DF14 LVDS cable assemblies OEM LVDS cable Manufacturer

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